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What Are the Dimensions of Ocean shipping Container?

Shipping Containers Specs

Ocean shipping containers come in different sizes to fit all your international shipping and moving needs. They offer great savings for people moving overseas, they require professional packaging to ensure that cars or contents are delivered safely.

Note that most International shipping lines advise that any particular container may have interior dimensions that vary slightly from the published ones and you should contact them if the container dimensions are critical.

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Ocean Shipping Companies:

OOCL.            K Line                Zim                         Yang Ming Line

HSG               CSAV Group       Hyundai M.M.         UASC

PIL                 Wan Hai Lines    UASC                      MISC Berhad

Iris Lines         RCL                    Grimaldi                 Sea Consortium

CCNI               Maruba              Swire Shipping       KMTC


Seaboard        Scholler Group  Horizon                   Matson

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