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What does the price for container shipping depend on?

The total shipping price for ocean containers consists of 2 parts: loading charges and ocean freight charges.

Ocean freight charges are based on per container, so you're paying the same price regardless of how much cargo is packed or how much weight it carries. We, the international shipping company, usually have a contract with fixed rates with a vessel operator.

However, warehouse loading charges depend on the type of cargo and volume. It should be easy to understand: it cost more in time, materials, and labor to packing 200 loose boxes inside the container than 3 pallets. OR you'd expect to pay more for loading 3 cars inside the container than just 1. To receive an accurate estimate for the total container shipping charges - be ready to provide a list of all your items so that we can give you a valid rate quote.

To sum up: there's no fixed price for overseas shipping per container. The total price will depend on the ocean freight (origin and destination) and export warehouse loading charges (number and size of units, vehicles, packages, etc.)

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