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My seller refused my Credit card, what should I do?

Some retailers on eBay, Amazon and Facebook Marketplace will not accept international credit cards for security reasons. Your option is to utilize our Personal shopper service, you tell us what you want to buy, link to the item and send us the funds to pay for it. We get the merchandise and ship it to you.

Personal shopper service Fees and commissions apply, see website for details. We will purchase from the US and International retailers on your behalf with our company credit card, check or PayPal account. You get the peace of mind and the benefit of our credit card fraud prevention program. We take the risk, make the purchase and forward your goods. (*) Restrictions apply.

Use Personal Shopper service to:

* Save on shipping. Many companies have very high international shipping costs.

* Take advantage of weak U.S dollar and US bargains.

* Buy unique items that can't be found in your own country. The US has some of the best and original fashion apparel and accessories in the whole wide world!

* Order from online stores that don't ship worldwide. It gives you access to all the goodies in the US and worldwide.

Personal Shopper service is simply a convenient way to shop US stores in the comfort of your home.

Personal shopper Assistant:

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