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The address I will receive, is it a PO Box?
What is Form 1583 and why do I have to fill it out?
How long does the sign up process take?
How do I get my purchases to my US address?
Can you take pictures of my items?
I Hear alot about Mail consolidation, what is it?
How long can I store my items at my U.S Mailbox?
How do you know when to ship my items?
Do you charge any fees to consolidate multiple items?
My seller refused my Credit card, what should I do?
Does your fees include Custom Fees and Taxes?
Post Office Fees
What couriers do you use to ship my merchandise?
Can I receive mail and merchandise with names other than mine?
How will I pay for shipping Charges?
Do you Offer Service in Other States?
Can I pick up my Mail at your location?
Is a "Signature of Agent / Notary Public" required on form 1583?
Can I e-mail my USPS Form 1583 to you?
Do you offer shipping services within the United States?
What other documents are required?
What phone number should I use when placing an online order?
How do I create a U.S Virtual Office Mailbox Address?
International Shipping Company Boston MA