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Do You Ship Luggage Overseas From Boston Area?

Luggage Shipping Service

Full luggage shipping company eliminates the hassle and worry of traveling with your bags and the risk of them getting lost. This is a quick and easy guide with some handy tips. According to the Department of Transportation over 400,00 bags are reported each year as “Mishandled” (which is defined as delayed, lost, damaged, or pilfered.)

Our Boston Based Luggage shipping Service company offers luggag shipping to and from your destination. It is a door-to-door service. Most companies will ship to and from, just about anywhere in the World. Some will even ship to over 200 destinations worldwide. So if you are traveling Internationally with an overweight bag that is over 70 lbs it may be beneficial for you to use a luggage shipping service.

Is luggage shipping right for you?

Consider this: the average amount of time it takes you to check your bag is about 2 hours. With Luggage shipping you can avoid the dreaded long check-in lines and go straight to your gate and your bags will be waiting for you on the other end of your trip. Golf clubs can cost you $100+ with US airlines, ground shipping can be under $50.00 depending on the destination zone via ground carriers.

Who uses this Luggage shipping service?

Who uses luggage shipping companies? Well, it ranges from travel agents, athletes with equipment or sports gear, cruise passengers, resort guests, senior citizens, and children going to camp. Luggage shipping is also perfect for a college student or a dual residence owner.

Plan ahead And Ship Your Luggage

Our luggage shipping company offers a 3-6 business day domestic delivery window. Depending on how fast you would like your luggage to arrive. We also offer a 1-day delivery plan, a 2-day plan, or even a 3-day delivery plan depending on your budget. Be sure to check our company services for delivery plans and policies. International delivery can sometimes take up to 10 business days.

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