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Do You Ship Personal Household Goods Overseas?

Do You Ship Personal Household Goods Overseas?

When planning an international move of personal Household Goods from Boston or Lowell MA areas, there are many things to take into consideration. Customers want to make sure they are dealing with FMC-licensed shipping companies. All International shipping and moving companies must be licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission in order to handle your cargo or issue a BOL (Bill of Lading). Our Boston Based international moving service can meet and exceed all your expectations. We can help you package and ship your Household goods safely in containers, crates, or Corrugated cardboard boxes.

International Household Goods Moving

We are your international moving company of choice for your next relocation across the United States of America and overseas. With everything you have to think about during your upcoming move, you shouldn’t have to worry about the actual move itself. You’ll be glad to know that Household Goods Moving is what we do best! We have a decade of International moving and packaging service that will allow us to get your household goods and valuables safely to their destination and at a price you can afford.

For a stress-free, efficient move, trust us as your International moving company. Our company Advantage cannot be matched by other moving companies, and our wide range of moving services can be tailored fit to meet all your moving service needs. Our global network of carriers ensures that no matter where you’re going, we can get you there.

Boston Packaging & Loading

If you are interested in an all-inclusive door-to-door service or even a door-to-port service we can provide you with full packing and loading service for your household goods. We are an International shipping service provider with a wide network of agents who handle the packing, and loading, and provide professional packing material for any case. From Crates for your artwork to strong boxes for your clothes and furniture. Neighborhood Parcel provides all sorts of professional packing, pallets, lift vans, or crates for fragile or heavy items. All shipments will be safely placed into your own or consolidated container for international and domestic shipping.

Less than Container Loads:

LCL or “Less than Container Load”. This term is commonly used to describe ocean freight service that is designed for shipping boxed, crated, or pallet cargo from or to the USA that cannot fill an entire 20 or 40-foot Ocean freight container. In this case, your Household goods will be loaded into a container

with other LTL shipments. Don’t worry, it will be clearly marked so your household items won’t be lost or mixed with others. There are many advantages of  LCL Ocean freight service vs. using FCL (full container load):

Low Shipping Cost:

  • When you share a 40 OR 20-foot  freight container with one or more Customers that import or export goods to or from the USA. You pay only for the space used but not for a whole sea freight container.
  • As a rule, the transit time will be the same as if you would ship a full container and most likely it will be faster if you use a service from an International moving household goods shipping
  • Typically the LCL ocean freight rates are calculated is by cubic space volume (per cubic meter/cubic foot) and not by weight.

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