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Company Terms Of Use

I. TERMS OF SERVICE. The following are the terms of service provided by Neighborhood Parcel and Website use at and

1. Neighborhood Parcel will provide the Member with a U.S. street address for his / her use in the U.S.A.

2. Neighborhood Parcel services consist of receiving the Member's mail and merchandise, sorting it, packing it, transporting it to the Member's country, and delivering it to the Member's specified local address during regular business hours.

3. Neighborhood Parcel cannot hold/store mail (letters, catalogs, magazines, and newspapers) exceeding the Member's 4-inch high mailbox. Neighborhood Parcel will notify the Member via e-mail once his/her mailbox is full, and the member will have 5 days to either request a shipment or contact Neighborhood Parcel to discard his/her mail. If no reply is received from the Member, then his/her mail will be shipped to the address on record.

4. Any charges generated directly from this activity, such as taxes, customs duties, and service fees presently in effect or established in the future, will be the responsibility of the Neighborhood Parcel Member.

5. The Neighborhood Parcel Member authorizes the company to charge his/her credit card for Membership Dues, Shipping and Handling Charges, and charges for any Additional / Optional Services selected by the Member. If Neighborhood Parcel receives a chargeback for any previous valid charges, then the Member's account may be immediately terminated and all mail/packages will be returned to sender or properly discarded.

6. Shipping charges are based on weight, but Dimensional weight may apply to bulky, lightweight packages.

7. Neighborhood Parcel will allow active Mail Forwarding customers to store their merchandise for up to 30 days at no charge. After 30 days, the customer agrees to pay storage fees of $5 per box plus $1 per pound per week.

8. Insurance costs for merchandise shipments are based on the Insured Value. Each $100.00 of insured value costs $2.00. Neighborhood Parcel Members will receive $100.00 of FREE insurance on all merchandise shipped Express. In the event of a claim, the payment will be based on either the weight of the consignment and/or the amount or the percentage of the value that you have declared and will be subject to all of the terms and conditions of the shipping carriers' airway bill(s).

9. Either party may cancel this agreement with written notice (email, fax, or letter). Neighborhood Parcel Members will receive a prorated refund on the unused portion of their Annual Membership Fee.

10. Monthly Membership Fees, Setup Fees, and Magazine purchases are non-refundable. Neighborhood Parcel will have the option to return all packages/mail to the senders and/or discard the items for accounts that are canceled. Shipping charges for non-members or canceled customers are twice the rate of shipping prices listed on the Neighborhood Parcel website.

11. If a Member does not pay for services rendered for a period over 30 days, his/her membership may be canceled by Neighborhood All packages and mail may be returned to sender or discarded at the sole discretion of Neighborhood Member forfeits all claims to items abandoned in his mailbox, once his Membership is canceled.

12. Membership is automatically renewed unless the Member advises Neighborhood Parcel in writing he/she wishes not to renew their Membership.

13. There is no charge to maintain a Standard Account provided the suite receives or sends at least 1 package during a six-month period.

14. Activation of your U.S. address and/or its use after the effective date hereof will represent your acceptance of this agreement and the authorization to charge your credit card for all your future charges.

15. Neighborhood Parcel reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, or otherwise alter these terms and conditions at anytime. Please review the terms and conditions periodically. Your continued use of the site following the postings of changes and/or modifications will constitute your acceptance of the re-terms and conditions.

16. Illegal activity is not permitted by Neighborhood Any legal fees incurred by Neighborhood Parcel enforcing the laws of the U.S. against a customer or potential customer will be the financial responsibility of the customer. See below regarding Compliance and Indemnification.

17. Membership starts the day we receive your application. Neighborhood Parcel cannot send any shipments until the USPS Mail Forwarding Form 1583, or such other documentation Neighborhood Parcel requires is received in its entirety.

18. The Neighborhood Parcel Member is responsible for and warrants its compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, including, but not limited to, the export laws and government regulations of any country to, from, through, or over which the Neighborhood Parcel Member shipment may be carried. This responsibility includes, without limitation, determining any and all applicable license requirements, including without limitation US Department of Commerce export licenses, US Department of State export licenses, and any and all import license requirements of the destination country, and obtaining the same. The Neighborhood Parcel Member agrees and acknowledges that the Member shall purchase any and all merchandise from United States sellers under an ex-works agreement and that the Neighborhood Parcel Member agrees to furnish such information and complete and attach such documents as necessary to comply with any applicable laws, rules and/or regulations, including notifying the United States Principal Party In Interest, as defined by the United States Foreign Trade Statistics Regulations, in every transaction generated by Member of the ultimate destination of any items ordered by Member and gathering and providing to Neighborhood Parcel all required information for export purposes from the United States Principal Party in Interest including without limitation the Export Control Classification Number and, if a Shipper's Export Declaration (S.E.D.) is required, the USPPI's tax identification number.

19. Member represents and warrants that the Member is the end user of any and all merchandise that the Member requests shipped to Member's address and that any and all merchandise Member requests shipments will be used in the country that the Member requests shipment to and that Member will not re-export to a different destination.


Neighborhood Parcel Members must appoint Neighborhood Parcel as the agent for the Member for the performance of customs clearance, and preparation of shipping documents, with the full power of attorney to act as such an agent of the Neighborhood Parcel Customer to the extent allowed by law for the specific purposes enumerated in this Section, including without limitation preparation of a certificate of origin, an SED, airway bill or any other document required to ship merchandise to Member. If a Shipper's Export Declaration (S.E.D.) is required, or preparation of a Certificate of Origin for goods manufactured and originating within the United States on behalf of the Neighborhood Parcel Member when one is required, Neighborhood Parcel will file the required export information on behalf of the Neighborhood Parcel Member as its agent pursuant to this section. The Neighborhood Parcel Member must acknowledge that it has a duty to and is solely liable for providing all information required by United States laws and regulations, including without limitation, information required by 15 CFR sec. 30, and maintaining all records as required under the customs or other government agency laws; Neighborhood Parcel assumes no responsibility to act as a record-keeper or record-keeping agent for either the Member or the USPPI. The Member is responsible to supply to Neighborhood Parcel all information regarding the USPPI, including its name and employer identification number (EIN), the ECCN, Schedule B classification, and all other information required under a routed export transaction as described in Title 15, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 30, the Foreign Trade Statistics Regulations (FTSR).

III. INDEMNIFICATION. The following is the indemnification required by Neighborhood Parcel from its members:

1. The Member agrees that it will remain liable for and indemnify, defend and hold harmless Neighborhood Parcel and its shareholders, officers, directors, agents, partners, employees, and independent contractors, at all times from the date hereof forward, from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, awards, liabilities, losses (including consequential losses), judgments, penalties, interest, fines, expenses, and/or other costs (including attorneys' fees and court costs) arising by reason of the execution hereof or the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby, including without limitation those arising from or relating to:

a. any negligent action or omission of Member or any of the Member's employees, contractors, agents, or any other person acting under Member's supervision or control prior to, as of, or following the date hereof;

b. any inaccuracy or breach of any representation or warranty made by Member in this Agreement or any other document or instrument executed or delivered by Member in connection with this Agreement or any breach or non-performance of any covenant or agreement made by Company in this Agreement or any other document or instrument made by Member in connection with this Agreement;

c. Neighborhood Parcel preparation, determination or execution of the documents (including international air waybills) or any other document necessary for transportation, including, but not limited to shipment addressing, routing, classification, licensing requirements, and value of goods/documents and value for carriage, except for claims arising solely from the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Neighborhood Parcel;

d. Member providing to Neighborhood Parcel any information or documents, including without limitation any inaccurate or false information or documents;

e. Member's failure to comply with the terms hereof or any U.S. or other jurisdiction's law applicable to the exportation or importation (into the destination country) of such shipments.

2. The Member acknowledges that the foregoing provisions are a material inducement to Neighborhood Parcel to enter into this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby, and shall survive termination of this Agreement.

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