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Can You Help Me Move On the Weekend?

Weekend Movers Near Boston MA

Moving is stressful enough and we are committed to doing our best to reduce your stress. Our Boston Movers can help you package and move your household furniture and goods on Saturday and Sunday. Due to the popularity of this moving service, we encourage you to book your weekend mover service as early as possible and at least a week ahead of time.

Our movers work on Saturday from 7 AM to 5 PM and Sunday from 11 AM to 2 PM. To facilitate service, always be prepared to help but make sure:

1- Your boxes are sealed, marked, and ready to move.

2- We have access to a parking space near the entrance.

3- Anything you are not moving, needs to be put away to ease access and reduce confusion.

4- Provide a valid contact phone for our movers to call you to confirm the date and location.

Boston Movers At Your Service

Some of our Moving services include:

  1. Complete relocation of companies, warehouses, and offices.
  2. Customized relocation planning and storage logistics.
  3. Ensure the maintenance of ongoing operations to the fullest extent.
  4. Weekend service not to disturb the course of business during the week.
  5. Warehousing of office equipment and old files.
  6. Movers Coast To Coast, from Boston MA To Los Angeles California.
  7. Ocean and Air Cargo Services to meet all your move timetables.

To book your Domestic or International move for weekend pick up, click here

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